The 4 Reasons SwimAmerica is a Trusted Brand in Learn to Swim

#1 Learning to swim is not just an activity, it is an important life skill. 

Not knowing how to swim is one of the major risk factors in drowning. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of accidental death in children under 18 years old. Centers for Disease Control

#2 SwimAmerica's success is a refection of our professional approach to teaching swimming.

We are certified professional coaches who actively teach and coach.  We are "swimming pro's", just like tennis or golf pro's, we are the experts. 

#3 We consistently produce great swimmers.

We use our own skill progressions for water safety skills and stroke development. Our goal is to have your child swimming 300 yards of freestyle confidently before completing the program.


#4 The Impact of Learning to Swim Well Will Last a Lifetime 

Our coaches have been teaching and coaching for years. We know how to make learning to swim easier. We are the pro's at training children to be strong confident swimmers.