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SKU: 27593f36

  • Hear your streamline working
  • Drill the streamline into every stroke
  • Be there off every wall

The Squeezline is an electronic streamline sensor that makes an audible BEEP when the swimmer presses into a tight streamline. Perfect for young swimmers just learning a proper streamline and making a habit. 

Check out our to take full advantage of your Squeezline

"A Streamline is the number one skill for any swimmer to master. Competitive swimmers never stop learning and improving this skill. The goal is always to reduce drag and increase speed. To master this skill one needs consistent feedback and practice. The Squeezline is the perfect tool to get anyone to improve this skill as it will give you immediate feedback if you are doing it correctly."

- Robert Pinter, head coach of Gator Swim Club and "A" finalist in the 200 butterfly at the 1992 Olympics.


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