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SwimAmerica lessons are the heart of a swim community. We train swimmers who grow more and more eager to swim  because they learn to swim well, who are safe because they master the necessary skills, and who have fun because they are confident in the water.

  Technique Focused   – We teach swimmers how to do it right from the first lesson forward. Designed by experts in aquatics education, we focus on efficient technique as our basis - from proper breathing at the beginning all the way through productive kicking, stroking, and streamlining. Efficient swimmers are fast and safe in the water.

  Goal Driven   – With core skills taught at each station, swimmers learn, practice, and demonstrate mastery at their own pace. The stations progress logically, with skills building on those achieved in prior stations.  Parents, grandparents, fellow swimmers, coaches, and the program director all recognize and applaud the swimmer's movement from one station to the next.

  Team Taught   – Every program is made up of a team of instructors dedicated to the success of each child. Working together under the supervision of the Program Director or Site Supervisor, these instructors provide consistent teaching that addresses the individual needs of the students. We all work together for each child’s success because we are all part of Team SwimAmerica.

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