• Rewards and recognizes the work of your instructors •

• Motivates them to continue working in your program •


When a licensed SwimAmerica™ Program Director trains his group of Coaches (instructors), then each Coach is eligible to receive his/her SwimAmerica™ Red Card. The Coach will need to take the Foundations of Coaching test in the back of the Coach Manual and return it to the Program Director. The Program Director returns it to the SwimAmerica™ National Office. We will then send out the Red Card. This Red Card enables the holder to teach in any SwimAmerica™ program in the country.


RED CARD: complete initial SwimAmerica™ training, take Foundations of Coaching Test.


WHITE CARD: complete 100 hours of teaching in SwimAmerica™


BLUE CARD: complete 500 hours of teaching in SwimAmerica™


GOLD CARD: complete 1000 hours of teaching in SwimAmerica™ including 100 hours of preschool teaching and 100 hours of adult teaching.